Solar Water Pump System Supplier
Solar Power Surface Centrifugal Pumps
Material of Parts
Outlet: 304 Stainless Stell Pump Body:304 Stainless Stell
Motor Body:304 Stainless Stell Bearing: NSK
Impeller: Plastic Screw: 316 Stainless Stell

Motor:Permanent Magenet Brushless DC Motor (Without Hall)

Controller: 32bit MCU/FOC/Sine Wave Current/MPPT
Controller Shell: Die-cast Aluminum (IP67)
Time of Warranty: 3 years


Water JET Pump use water as the working medium, so that the high pressure water injection rate through the nozzle high-speed ejector pumped gas, crude vacuum is drawn within the container to obtain a certain degree of vacuum.

Water jet pump structure is simple, easy processing, low cost, reliable, easy installation and maintenance. With a high compression ratio, exhaust directly to the atmosphere, can be drawn in addition to containing granular media, flammable, explosive or corrosive gases and vapor-liquid mixed-media features.


Because of use solar energy, when sunlight is available, the Solar controller matches maximum efficiency of solar power to the pump, the pump will continuously have to start working very economical, no cost.

Performance Chart
Model Flow (m3/h) 0 0.55 1.61 2.89 4.06 5.13 6.67
JP-3.0-55-D72-750 Head(m) 33 30 25 20 15 10 3.2
Pump Performance
Model Power Voltage Voltage Range Max Flow Max Head Max Suct Intlet Outlet
JP-3.0-55-D72-750 750W 72 VDC 48-100 VDC 50 L/Min 55 M 9 M 1 in 1 in

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