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Centrifugal Solar Power Submersible Pumps

Submersible pump is an important equipment use for deep well water. The whole equipment into the water when using the work, The extraction of groundwater to the surface. Use for life ater supply , mine rescue, industrial cooling, Agricultural irrigation, seawater lift,Livestock water supply but also for fountains.


Installation of submersible pumps

1, vertical vertical use, for example, in general the wells;

2, inclined to use, such as mine have a slope roadway;

3, horizontal use, such as use in the pool.


After opening the pump, high-speed rotation of the impeller, the blades rotate together with the liquid, the centrifugal force of the impeller fly outward injection, injection of the liquid gradually slow diffusion pump housing indoor speed, gradually increasing the pressure, and then from the pump outlet exhaust pipe outflow. In this case, at the center of the blade due to the surrounding liquid left behind formed neither liquid nor air vacuum area of ​​low pressure liquid liquid pool at the pool surface atmospheric effect, flows into the pump through the suction pipe, so that the liquid is continuously continuously from the liquid bath is drawn up and continuously flows out from the discharge pipe.

Stainless steel submersible pump is characterized by long life, rust, corrosion, clean, environmentally friendly, 100% recycled.


Environmental protection to have become a hot topic, I believe that with innovative technology, stainless steel submersible pumps must be a better future development.

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